What is the Definition of the word Lầy?


What is Lầy?

Lầy is a word in the phrase “Lầy lội”. When talking about Lầy lội, it reminds us of a bog or slough.  Therefore, the word lầy means that: there is no fair play or a thick-skinned person doing something nonstop although others feel uncomfortable.

This word appears continuosly on Facebook with 2 form: lầy or chơi lầy. Chơi lầy also means some people have no fair play or that phrase is just a funny saying to describe someone does not stop playing something overly.

This word originated from social media users in 2015 and then it spread like wildfire even people they use it unintentionally and meaninglessly. It has been using until now.

Lầy has a negative meaning. In love, a guy follow a girl although she get off or refuse many times. He call chơi lầy or naughty. In sale, saleman has characteristic may be successful when customers give up because his chasing.

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