What is Sharapova Băng Ky story of Vietnamese Journalism?


What is Sharapova Băng Ky?

Sharapova Băng Ky is a funny joke of Journalists. Everything begins from a humorous ironic story on Tuoi Tre newspaper.
Another newspaper though this story was real and went too far on interpreting this story, far enough to make someone getting unjustly accused and some Sport and Physical Training departments were under heavily criticism. It only ended when Tuoi Tre gave a public announcement about Sharapova Băng Ky story.

SHARAPOVA - Russian tennis player (Source: Free HD Wallpaper)
SHARAPOVA – Russian tennis player (Source: Free HD Wallpaper)

The original story that made Sharapova Băng Ky event


The story was gazetted on Tuoi Tre newspaper issue on 20th February, 2008 and later on Tuoi Tre online. This is the story:

Sharabova Băng Ky Training Center

On a beautiful day at the beginning of 2007, The beloved lady Sharapova – a beautiful Russia girl and a talented tennis player – silently visited Vietnam. She wants the driver of her Limousine to stay away from avenues so that they can avoid crowds and troubles.

Carry out The Lady’s requirement, on the way to visit Lai Thieu a famous Fruit field of Vietnam, the driver didn’t use the main road but turn to No Trang Long Street and take a short cut through Băng Ky Bridge.

Everything was fine then suddenly Sharapova screaming with joy and pointed to the roadside. She feel excited to see there are many people with various ages and genders are practice really hard with a racquet holding in their hand. The Lady show her admiration to the Love for tennis of Vietnamese people, however she feel surprising and ask her translator why they all playing tennis without balls. The face of translator turned red, she awkward reacted for a while then answer: Our people love tennis but they are too poor that they can’t afford ball, they satisfied themself with just swinging the racquet.

One month later, Vietnam Tennis Federation received a pile of document, written outside: The Project to establish Sharapova Bang Ky tennis training center.
Our Syndics couldn’t understand what was that, they decided to ask the translator. She laughed and answered: “Oh my, on that day, when the car crossed Bang Ky Bridge, it’s so shameful that i had to explained the scene our people hunting mosquitos with racquet into playing tennis. That’s why Mrs. Sharapova wants to build a Tennis training center named by her name and Bang Ky Bridge”!

One year later, at the beginning of 2008, Because there were no news on the training center, Sharapova sent her assistant to investigate why Vietnamese gave no response on her project. The Assistant report to her like this:” Vietnamese still have enthusiastic on playing tennis without ball, but for some reason they’re not really interested in our project”.
The End

Lessons a journalist can learn from Sharapova Băng Ky incident?


A journalist without category awareness, as a consequence they mistaken a feuilleton with a news story. A feuilleton can be imagination and no way near reality but the journalist misunderstood and therefore everyone misunderstood about Sharapova Băng Ky story.

People mass criticized without confirmation for the reason Sharapova Băng Ky Training Center was not approved by the trustee. But the fact that the project didn’t exist, so of course they couldn’t approve it. The governors are only the victim.

The story was embroidered by many News agencies, Even BBC and VOA made this mistake. Russia local press also wrote about this. Luckily, Ms. Sharapova gave no attention on this incident so everything sunk into oblivion.

Who is Sharapova?


Sharapova is a Russian female tennis athlete. She has talent and the beauty that make everyone admiring. The won 5 women’s singles Grand Slams. With the height of 1m88 and 58kg  in weight, she also a top models. She‘s just 29 years old at this moment.

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