What is or definiton of Thảo mai?


What is Thảo mai?

Thảo mai is used to call a person who act in an affected way-in other words he/she is two-faced. It can be understood that thảo mai” is a euphemism for “affected”.

The origin of “thao mai” is from the idiom below:

Thảo mai rao bán chỉ vàng, vào đến giữa làng lại bán chỉ xanh” – literally, Thao mai sell yellow thread, but when coming into the village, she sells green thread.

Through this sentence, we can see that the Thao mai lady is actually a kind of person who says one thing but does another.

In sum, “thao mai” has the same meaning as mannered or affected. This word, together with GATO, Chế, Lầy, Bung lụa…, is widely-used.

Definition of Thảo mai in nowadaysTHAO-MAI-what-is-definition-of

Nowadays, this word is used to describe a pretended person or voice, for instance: con thảo mai (thảo mai man), đồ thảo mai (What a thảo mai), giong thao mai (thảo mai speech).

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