What is or definiton of SOÁI CA?


What is Soái Ca

Soái Ca is male protagonist in Chinese Love & Romance fictions. Certainly, These male protagonist must be really handsome. For some people belief about Soái Ca must be a talented person who is capable of doing everything. He must be thoughtful, understanding and know how to treat a lady……No it is totally incorrect.

Nowadays, Because Chinese Love & Romance fictions are become widely popular. Therefore The word Soái Ca is being used commonly on the internet, from Facebook to the real world. However some fanpage  idealize Soái Camodel for some purpose.

To be specific definition of Soái Ca

Soái Ca is a person who is capable of doing everything. He won’t hesitate to give away all of his wealth only to chasing a lady, no matter she is not his suitable alliance. He’s good at everything, best at everything. To be frankly, We should call the person who have the ability to fulfill all of following requirement “God”, he isn’t Soái Ca anymore.

Maybe the Fanpage take it all wrong or they did it intentionally to raise the amount of View or Like regardless the consequences.

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