What is or Definition of Trẻ Trâu?


What is Trẻ Trâu?

 Trẻ Trâu is a slang word using widely on the internet. People use vocable Trẻ Trâu to indicate stubborn and perverse persons who never accept their mistakes.

Beside, Literal meaning of Trẻ Trâu is simply about the children being told to look after buffalos while their parent working on the farm. Nowadays, Trẻ Trâu is considered a aggressive word, that why people decided to use the Sino-Vietnamese phrase “Sửu Nhi” instead.


Now we will take a deeper definition of  Trẻ Trâu

Firstly, About the word Trẻ, Talking about this word people will think about the ignorance of youth or immaturity. In this case, Trẻ isn’t about Ages , it’s more likely about behaviors or characteristics. Secondly, the word Trâu, Everyone understand this word mean buffalo. In fact, it means “to cast pearls before swine”. It indicate stubborn person who never listen to the advice or guidance Or frankly speaking cussed like a buffalo.

After detailed analysis, we can make a conclusion about this word. Trẻ Trâu implying persons, no matter how old they are, they still act stubborn and ignorance, never listen or learn or accept the fact that they are wrong and making mistake.

Hopefully, this article will help you understand the meaning of Trẻ Trâu and how to use it. And see you on the next article. Visit EN.GGDIC to get update new information!

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