What is or definition of GATO?


What is GATO?

GATO is an acronym for “Ghen ăn tức ” in Vietnamese. Generally, this word expresses either the envy or someone who is jealous of other’s success. Moreover, GATO also means the cake. However, amongst the net suffer community, GATO is commonly known as a word describes someone bursting with envy.

In Vietnam, we have many idioms which are similar to GATO, for example “Trâu buộc ghét trâu ăn”, a famous idiom which is known as “A successful man often has many enemies” in English.

Firstly, GATO was used frequently by netizens on social media such as Facebook and then it became more and more popular among suffers in forums like Voz. Consequently, nowadays this word is used frequently words in daily life.


Clearly Definition of GATO

As the employee’s salary increased faster than that of other colleagues, these colleagues were then bursting with envy about that salary level. Even though that person has contributed many values to the company, other people were still somehow jealous of him or her. This is a typical example for the meaning of GATO.

When your score is not as good as your friend’s, you feel envy. You know that you are very lazy or do not study as much as that student.

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