What is and definition of Xe Đò


What is Xe đò?

Xe đò means passenger car, the vehicle using for transporting human from one place to another places. This word is used commonly in Southern Vietnam before 1975. Nowadays, only a few persons still have habit of using this Xe đò phase, normally it’s the elder. To be Notice, when mentioning Xe đò, We won’t differ the bus which is managing by government and depart from bus station with Vans without official depart place and managed by individual which is usually called Xe dù. Xe đò means all of those.

But Why we call it Xe đò?

As you may be aware Đò mean Ships or Paddle-boat used to carry peoples across the river. They use the phrase Xe đò with same meaning but in this care they mean cars instead of boats.

Some famous bus services Xe đò

  • Phương Trang Bus
  • Thành Bưởi Bus
  • Mai Linh Express
  • Văn Minh Bus
  • Nam Phương Bus
  • Cúc Phương Bus
  • and many more…

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