What is and definition of Vãi?


What is Vãi?

The word Vai is used to emphasis or to express your feelings on something, some even or someone. This is a commonly used word on the internet especially Facebook or big forums like Voz….In Vietnamese Vai also have another meaning. When something or liquid slip out of their container people call that movement Vãi.

Let take a look at these following examples for a better insight on this word

– Sướng Vãi: to emphasize the satisfaction of someone. It has same meaning with Sướng Quá meaning very good. The word Vãi make the level of satisfaction become extraordinary

– Mệt Vãi: meaning my current stamina is really low and i am really tired now.

It’s hot out there, in Vietnamese hot mean Nóng. When it goes with Vãi, we have Nóng Vãi phrase. This phrase is used for describing or emphasizing how extremely hot and humid tropical weather is

After all these examples, We thing you have already understand the meaning and how to use the word Vãi. It is a popular word on the internet, even in real life people usually use this word while chatting with their friends. Of course, we should not use this word while speaking with the Elders.

After all above examples, this article will help you understand the meaning of Vãi and how to use it. And see you on the next article. Follow EN.GGDIC to get update new information!

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