What is and definition of Tiên sư giáo sĩ?


What is Tiên sư giáo sĩ?

Tiên sư giáo sĩ is spoonerism of the phrase Giáo sư tiến sĩ. This is a favor irony sentence which is a feature of Northern Vietnam

The way of using spoonerism to satirize appeared long ago. Talking about delicate and irony characteristic, there’s no one can overcome Northern People. For this reason, most of the greatest diplomat is from this region. You can get a good concept on this characteristic by reading the fairy tale name Ba Giai – Tu Xuat. Caution, this story has 18+ content, only read it when you are alone.

With a great amount of Professor and Doctor in Vietnam nowadays, many people will associate with a serious problems in Vietnam Education, too much knowledge but no implement. Recently, there are some people with great knowledge saying some shocking thing and the reaction from community is varies. Many People give frankly and aggressive comments and of course Northern Intellectual have their own way to give comments. That’s how the phrase Tiên sư giáo sĩ was created.

By the way, Talking about Tiên sư giáo sĩ, there is a funny joke. When you hate someone, go buy these 3 pictures: a deity, a monk and a parson. Put them in line respectively and place the picture of the person you hate at the end of the line. Speak it in Vietnamese:

1. Picture of  Tiên (Fairy)
2. Picture of  Sư (Monk)
3. Picture of Cha (Pastor)
4. The person you hate

By combining the last letter of each sentence we will have an insult meaning phrase. It is Tien su cha “the person you hate”, a well-known satirical sentence in Northern Vietnam

Anyway, Cursing something is a natural reaction. Frankly or deviously it will help people reduce their stress but don’t abuse using it because it also carry negative feeling. Just blowing-up to feel better then forget it and live happily, ok!


Hopefully, this article will help you understand the meaning of Tiên sư giáo sĩ and how to use it. And see you on the next article. Follow EN.GGDIC to get update new information!

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