What is and definition of QTQĐ?


What is QTQĐ?


QTQĐ is abbreviation for the phrase Quá trời quá đất which is used to emphasizing what you are saying. This word is quite prevalent on Facebook and It’s have various meaning depend on the situation.

Let take a look at these following examples for a better insight on this Phrase


Đẹp QTQĐ => Đẹp Quá trời quá đất, The beautiful compliment is emphasized and brought to a higher level, it have similar meaning with Sino-Chinese phrase Đẹp nghiêng nước nghiêng thành and even stronger when comparing their meaning.

Xấu QTQĐ => Xấu Quá trời quá đất, The ultimate criticism, nothing more to defend. However, it is depend on the situation, sometime friends use this word to make fun with each other, They’re not really mean it so don’t get mad.

Phá QTQĐ => Phá Quá trời quá đất, in this case, it’s more likely the literal meaning. It’s about devastation.

After all above examples, this article will help you understand the meaning of QTQĐ and how to use it. And see you on the next article. Follow EN.GGDIC to get update new information!

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