What is and Definition of Hia


What is Hia?


Same as Chế, Hia is Sino-Vietnamese word for brother which is used by Chinese-Vietnamese. In general, Hia mean brother and won’t distinguished with cousin or adopted brother….In South-West region of Viet Nam, Chế is a common use word because this region used to have more Chinese Vietnamese people than Vietnamese people.

There are two ways of using the word Hia, Hia together with a human name or Hia alone, for example: Hia Lâm, Hia Long….Be careful, It is hilarious if you mistake Hia with Đôi Hia which mean a pair of shoes. The possibility for this to happen is high due to the popular of The Booted Cat story.

Unlike the vocable Chế mean sister which is really popular on the internet. It is rare to encounter the word Hia on Internet, it’s seldom used by Vietnamese families instead of using the word brother.

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