What is and definition of Chế?


What is Chế?

Chế  is Sino-Vietnamese word for sister which is normally used by Chinese Vietnamese. Speaking of Chế, Sister-in-law is excluded. In some family in south-west region of Viet Nam, Chế is a common use word. The reason is, this region used to have more Chinese Vietnamese people than Vietnamese therefore some of Vietnamese family is influenced and using this word like a habit.

The word Chế can be used independently or it can go together with a person name, for examples: Chế Lan, chế Thủy, chế Tiên… To be notice, Chế Lan Viên is a well-known poet, we shouldn’t understand his name as Lan Viên sister.

Recently, the word Chế have become popular on the internet, like in Voz Forum …. on Facebook there also a trend of using the word Chế by Meme or Caricature making pages.

The most funny thing is when boys or even men claim themself Chế without knowing the true meaning of this word. Some others use this word to make fun or to imply someone is Gay.

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