What does definition of Ngôn Tình mean?


What is Ngôn Tình?


Ngôn Tình is a kind of Love & Romance fiction which is originally written by Chinese. The story in Ngôn Tình is mostly about Love and Romance. Ngôn Tình contains or describes many kinds and levels of Love such as sentimental love, heartfelt love…, some is tender but some is really hilarious. In brief, the kind of Love described in Ngôn Tình is variety

Talking about backstory of Ngôn Tình, It varies too. The setting of Ngôn Tình can be in the Present, the Past or about Fairy, Elf…Some of them even happened across Time and Space which is called Xuyên Không.

About the Love in Ngôn Tình, they’re mostly romance between Man and Women but there are love stories written about the love of two Women or two Men. These two types is called Bách Hợp and Đam Mỹ respectively. We will have articles about them later on.

We also have Reverse Ngôn Tình types which are mostly about unreciprocated Love or the kind of Love that bring torment to the soul or even torturing the body.

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