What does definition of Đi ngoài ra nước mean?


What is Đi ngoài ra nước ?

“Đi ngoài ra nước” is a humorous terminology, people usually say someone who is going aboard. The original word is “đi ra nước ngoài” but spoken slang is “đi ngoài ra nước”.

Perhaps many people in South of Vietnam do not understand what is the word “đi ngoài” in phrase “đi ngoài ra nước”. Because that is the word of Diarrhea. This word is usually used in North of Vietnam and almost it is less common in South, including migrating of people in North for a long time.

Diarrhea is usually lost much water, therefore the phrase “đi ngoài ra nước” also imply that is one of form serious Diarrhea. This is the humorous word not only used difficultly and nicely to create a phrase both serious illness and humorous word.

Which case should we use đi ngoài ra nước?

Putting in context that you will see relative, friends, colleagues preparing to go abroad ( leave Vietnam). You want to tease them, so you can look at this example:

Tomorrow, Bi will đi ngoài ra nước. Oh no! It’s wrong, đi ra nước ngoài. Do you express to everyone?

So happy, you will be đi ngoài ra nước (meaning go abroad)!

And there are many case context-dependent, this sentence makes story less disgusting, serious although literal sense of sentence can be a little unhygienic.

đi ngoài ra nước: defecation brings out water

đi ra nước ngoài: go abroad

When and where should use?

In party, we should not speak aloud when adult have a meal. Because defecation is a delicate problem.

Specially in party or informal meal must not use, if not, the host and people having meal will be embarrassed.

Hopefully, this article will help you understand the meaning of Thảo mai and how to use it. And see you on the next article. Follow EN.GGDIC to get update new information!


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