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At a glance

We build GGDIC in English version to introduce some interesting culture from Vietnam. All topic trend to talk about new slang, explain old and new idioms, celebrity or famous people, traditonal anniversery days, sightseeing and exciting Vietnamese tip.

Maybe, we are become tiny wikipedia of Vietnamese life. But with 2 persons? Don’t worry, we build GGDIC for funny reason. We don’t have any force to write about something in Vietnam. All posts are written in objective opinion.

How we work

We research all keyword volume, scan and skim all newspaper web, interact on social network and through conversation daily of Vietnamese.

We only make simple image for post. Actually, graphic designer not our strength. Explaining Vietnamese word are our mission. If we had ability to bring both good content and image, we would bring to you asap.

Want to know

  • Some local slangs you understand
  • Some Vietnamese people go to language
  • Some traditional important days
  • Some places you should visit in Vietnam
  • Some tips only Vietnamese have

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Please feel free to contact and send us question! Wish you have a nice experience in Vietnam.



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