Definition of What is Hách từ trong nôi?


What is “Hách từ trong nôi”?

Hách từ trong nôi is the spoonerism words of  hôi từ trong nách. This appeared for a long time on “Mực tím”, the magazine for teenagers in Saigon.

Hách từ trong nôi just is humorous meaning like đi ngoài ra nước. If you want to tell someone about his/her underarm odor, you can use this way politely which helps his/ her to realize and get rid of unbearable smelly underarm.

How to stop underarm odor (“Hách từ trong nôi” in Vietnamese)

Firstly, you should understand the odor isn’t caused by perspiration, which is comprised mostly of water and bacteria. It ‘s caused by bacteria that is attracted to the places where you sweat the most. Bacteria interacts with protein in your perspriration, which make unbearable smelly underarm. If you want to stop underarm odor, you should concern to stop bacteria.

Folk remedies to get rid of underarm odor are alum, salt, ginger, bitter melon leaves…..

However, you would realize easily how to make these remedies are complicated. Home remedies, folk remedies, chemical remedies…and any remedies, apply the best remedies for you to remove this bad smell.

Actually, body odor disappears quite hard. Regularly clean your armpits, body and shirts to reduce sweating. No remedy is forever unless you live in aseptic condition.

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